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FOR MORE INFORMATION KINDLY TEXT CALL FOR QUICKER RESPONSE 1 Wayland is an ACA registered Mini Poodle. View Details. I fell in with that little dog. Breeders want to produce the best puppies in color coat quality conformity personality and health. Older dog in need of a. The Cavapoo is another designer breed which breeders started deliberately crossbreeding in the 1 0s. Lyons Little Pawz. Back around 00 I became the owner of an adorable Miniature Poodle rescue. Humans and dogs alike. This large designer dog breed grows up to 0 inches and weighs between 110 00 pounds. We are family owned and operated.

Small hypoallergenic and cuddly companions these pups inherited some of the first designer dogs in the 1 0s. Training Program Prices and Benefits. Basenji Poodle mix AKA Basenjipoo Source the basenjipoos IG. Adopt Poodle Dogs in North Carolina. The Standard Poodles Standard Poodle 1 Standard Poodle are the most common dog breed. Poodles are smart easy to. Curly Collies is a Bordoodle breeder located in Gaffney SC about 1 0 away from North Carolina. 0 1 000 D1 Sapphire f female Poodle. Poodles can be a great choice for your family or single home. The Shih Poo is a mixed breed dog a cross between the Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle dog breeds. We take great pride in breeding only by akc guidelines. Our full AKC standard poodles are born and raised inside our home. Intentional breeding of Huskydoodles started in North in the 1 0s. SHIH POO Breed Overview. And pedigree information for each parent dog these will ensure that you are receiving a healthy puppy. Cockapoos were some of the first designer dogs in the 1 0s when Poodle dog breeders were cross breeding Poodle breeds with other dog breeds like the Cocker Spaniel. Curly Collies. This medium sized breed weighs between 0. You just need to provide a deposit to reserve your puppy. In the breeders words We strive to breed healthy dogs that combine the best characteristics of the poodle and border collie. Some Shepadoodles have weighed in at over 100 pounds you will want to meet the parents to get a better idea of what size to expect once your Shepadoodle is done growing. Pudelpointer Breeders We ship our pudelpointer puppies to your location at North We try to sell our puppies to select future owners attempting to match a puppys temperament to the needs and capabilities of the new owner. They specialize in breeding healthy friendly and well socialized Bordoodle puppies. Labrador Retriever. Log into Posting Account Help for Shelters Rescues Success Stories. This breed can weigh anything between and 0 pounds 10 and kg and can unfortunately present several health issues to the Boxer parent's brachycephalic flat face.

Labs have a warm and loving personality expect to of them making friends with humans and dogs alike.

We have payment options available if youre interested in paying over time. We are an in home breeder of beautiful AKC Standard Poodles. 1 01 at pm. Me being a large dog person growing up I had Rottweilers I set out to find a Standard Poodle. In 011 as a teenager I purchased Lacey she was the first puppy I ever purchased and raised myself. Our miniature breeds cost 00 while medium and standard puppies cost 00.

Change Breed More Poodle Dogs adopted on Rescue Me! A fully grown Shepadoodle usually stands inches tall and weighs 0 0 pounds. Poodle Mix Pit Boodle Pitbull Poodle Mix Black and Tan Coonoodle Black and Tan Coonhound Poodle Mix. Like other cities the Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed in Raleigh. They are dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of poodles poodle mixes and other small dogs. You can choose from two training programs. The Poodle Rescue CPR is a volunteer based 01 c non profit. It is a pointing breed that came from a cross between the hunting poodle and the English Pointer. Scroll to view available. Elevated Standards provides health tested and guaranteed Standard Poodles Standard Doodles puppies for sale call. They have a long silky coat and a slender build. Location Monroe North Carolina Email email protected Phone Website Poodles Plus Conclusion For The Best Poodle Breeders in North Carolina. All dogs with the Poodle Rescue are housed at the Dreamweaver Farm located in the northern part of South Carolina. Health and temperament is our top priority even though breeding is only a hobby. Other dog breeds like the Cocker Spaniel. Parents are health tested as recommended by the Poodle Club of through OFA CHIC. Standard Poodles have a broad chest and are used in the show ring. Poodles active temperament combines with the calm dignified character of the Cavalier and the result is a cute little dog that usually makes an ideal semi active lap dog.

Top Dog Breeds in Raleigh.

They have adorable wavy coats that barely shed. Saint Berdoodle is a cross breed between Saint and Standard Poodle. Derby Family Poodle is in Central North and breeds only 1 Standard Poodle litters a year. Lyons Little Pawz has carefully Large Poodle Cross Breeds North Carolina selected high quality healthy good natured breeding stock from a beautiful pedigree as a responsible breeder. Countryside Large Poodle Cross Breeds North Carolina Mini Schnoodles Details. Price From 00 to 00 more information available with inquiry Mini Poodles is a home breeder located in High Point North Carolina. Check out our Lab puppies in Raleigh. Change Breed. A Cockapoo is a lap dog expect this breed to be intelligent easy to train and affectionate. Wake County Raleigh NC ID 0 1 000.

Medium Large Doodle Cross Breeds Thomas. Shepadoodle's generally live for 1 1 years. Location Monroe North Carolina Email email protected Website www.

Cross a Poodle with a Basenji and there's no telling exactly how your crossbreed will turn out. He was a matted mess! The Saint Berdoodle breed likely originated in the 1 0s.

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